Arkode is a games development company whose' focus is ethical employment and business practices. Our company was set up in July of 2019, with the goal of releasing entertaining and accessible experiences. We've been steadily working on this goal since, and hope to be able to share more soon. This is a challenging and exciting journey for our team, and we hope you can join us along the way!

Our current project (code-named IsoEngine) is shaping up well and will serve as a level editor for our future game project which is yet to be revealed. To realize our vision for tools and technologies, so far we've employed voxel technology, low-poly prop tools, and a simulated ecosystem. We are excited to reveal our project and will do so as soon as we feel it is of the quality we expect, as developers and as fans of the games we play and love.

In addition to our work, we aim to empower other creators and developers through our communities on YouTube and Discord. Our YouTube content is designed to highlight the realities of game development and offer instructional content to help others. Our Discord community is an all in one developer hub, designed to network developers from all disciplines and accelerate their careers or hobbies.



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